Discover Puma's sunglasses

Puma is a sports brand that dares to take risks. Puma is not to be missed in both daily and sports life! In addition to the wide range of sportswear, the brand is also known for its sunglasses. PUMA sunglasses are lightweight, comfortable, and offer good sun protection. Are you going for an urban look? Or do you choose cool, sporty sunglasses from Puma?

Be brave. 
Be confident.
Be determined.
Be joyful.


Puma for men

Puma's Rubber Eyes Pro is for real men. A funky but stylish design with cool oversized lenses and lovely soft cushions for optimal comfort and grip.

Puma for ladies

Fan of avant-garde and streetwear? Then these are your new favorite sunglasses. With the flat lens and shiny Puma pattern on your lens and paws this is a true statement item.