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Sailing sunglasses: keeping a keen eye on the horizon!

Nothing is more exhilarating than wrestling with the elements while out sailing and coming out on top. However, it's also extremely important to protect yourself against those same elements. Especially in or near water, the sun's bright light and harmful UV rays can easily tire out, irritate, or even severely damage your eyes. With our sailing sunglasses you'll enjoy optimal protection while you're out at sea.

More information about sailing sunglasses

The surface of the water reflects a lot of the sun's light, and this reflected glare can blind you very badly when it hits your eyes. Not to mention that the sun's harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays are also reflected by the water. This makes selecting the right protective eyewear extremely important. The sailing sunglasses we offer are all lightweight models, they sit close to the face and protect the eyes all-round with powerful filters. We also offer a number of specially designed models, such as the Sinner Nautic Series, that will stay afloat should they fall into the water. We recommend selecting a polarized model, since this will eleminate the blinding sharpness of the reflected glare on the water's surface. That way you'll be able to focus on your sailing and keep a keen eye on the horizon!