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Sunglasses don't have to be expensive, because your summer favorite can be found in the sale! Go for a timeless Ray-Ban model or a bold Dsquared2 model. Whatever your style is, new sunglasses mean only one thing. It is time to shine!


The sun is shining and the flowers are in full bloom. You know what this means: SPRING has started! Especially to celebrate the arrival of spring, we have put together a fresh spring collection of the most popular must-have brand sunglasses for you! Jump into the new season with a 20% discount on your new look and make it your day!

For more information about this promotion, please see our promotional terms and conditions.

678 Products

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  1. Ray-Ban Oval Flat Lenses RB3547N-001-48
    Ray-Ban® Ray-Ban Oval RB3547N-001
    4 variations
  2. Ray-Ban Hexagonal RB3548N-9069A5-54
    Ray-Ban® Ray-Ban Hexagonal Flat Lenses RB3548N-9069A5
    16 variations
    €67.20 €112.00
  3. Persol PO3210S-24/31-51
    Persol PO3210S-24/31
    4 variations
  4. Persol PO3199S-24/31-50
    Persol PO3199S-24/31
    2 variations
  5. Burberry BE3109-129373-53
    Burberry BE3109-129373
    2 variations
  6. Ray-Ban Round Metal Flat Lenses RB3447N-002/71-50
    Ray-Ban® Ray-Ban Round Metal Flat Lenses RB3447N-002/71
    6 variations
  7. Burberry BE4294-375787-54
    Burberry BE4294-375787
  8. Michael Kors Positano MK2120-33558G-56
    Michael Kors Positano MK2120-33558G-56
    7 variations
  9. Oakley Wheel House OO9469-04-54
    Oakley Wheel House OO9469-04
    6 variations
  10. Emporio Armani EA4133-57536R-59
    Emporio Armani EA4133-57536R
    2 variations
  11. Ray-Ban Flat Lenses RB3647N-001/9U-51
    Ray-Ban® Ray-Ban Flat Lenses RB3647N-001/9U-51
    13 variations
  12. Oakley Holbrook OO9102-J9-55
    Oakley Holbrook OO9102-J9-55
    21 variations
  13. Burberry BE3109-100371-53
    Burberry BE3109-100371
    2 variations
  14. Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer RB2140-127771-50
    Ray-Ban® Ray-ban Original Wayfarer Classic RB2140-127771
    14 variations
  15. Persol PO2422SJ-992/51-49
    Persol PO2422SJ-992/51
  16. Ray-Ban RB4307-601/9A-61
    Ray-Ban® Ray-Ban RB4307-601/9A
  17. Ray-Ban Aviator Large Metal Gradient RB3025-9001A5-58
    Ray-Ban® Ray-Ban Aviator Large Metal Gradient RB3025-9001A5
    49 variations
  18. Ray-Ban RB4368N-710/13-39
    Ray-Ban® Ray-Ban RB4368N-710/13
  19. Ray-Ban Junior RJ9060S-704911-50
    Ray-Ban Junior RJ9060S-704911
    12 variations
  20. Vogue VO4157S-352/7C-51
    Vogue VO4157S-352/7C
    2 variations
  21. Vogue VO4161S-280/13-58
    Vogue VO4161S-280/13
  22. Gucci GG0668S-002-58
    Gucci GG0668S-002-58
    3 variations
  23. Gucci GG0253S-003-58
    Gucci GG0253S-003-58
    2 variations
  24. Gucci GG0647S-002-56
    Gucci GG0647S-002-56

678 Products

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