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Exciting! You just bought those sunglasses you've longed for a long time. Just what do you have to do now to enjoy your sunglasses as long as possible? How do you protect him from scratches, dirt, and discoloration? To ensure that your sunglasses last for years, we have listed some tips on how best to maintain your sunglasses.

Maintenance of the frame & the glasses

You probably know the feeling; you go to the beach and take your favorite sunglasses out of the bag, but just when you want to put it on, it slips out of your hands into the sand. Annoying grains of sand or dirt will stick to the glass of your sunglasses. Next to grains of sand, sunglasses get dirty by fingerprints, skin residues, and skin acids as well. After a day of intensive use of your sunglasses, it is important to clean the frame and the glasses, because fingerprints, skin residues, and skin acids that remain after a day can affect the protective layer of the sunglasses.

Maintenance of the frame

It is important to maintain the frame so it will stay beautiful for a long time. 

  • Always put the glasses on with two hands. This prevents the deformation of the frame. When you take off the glasses with one hand, chances are that the glasses will be skewed, which makes the glasses-less comfortable.
  • Don't bend the sunglass back yourself but have him adjust with an optician. They have the right tools to shape it back to your head.
  • You're not wearing the glasses anymore? Then fold it in to see if the feathers (the eyeglasses) are still closing properly.
  • Rinse the glasses regularly with lukewarm water. The frame is in constant contact with the skin. Skin acid affects not only the glasses, but also the frame.

Maintenance of the glasses

In addition to the frame, it is important to take care of the glasses as well. Check out the tips to keep the glasses of your sunglass clean:

  • Begin the progress by rinsing your sunglasses underneath lukewarm water. This will wash away the rough sand and dirt without damaging the glasses.
  • Let the glasses dry up naturally.
  • When the glasses dried up, use a special spray to clean the glasses of your sunglasses. Do not use household cleaning products. These products can damage the protective layer of the glass and frame.
  • Afterward, clean the glasses with the included microfiber eyewear cloth. If you don't have a microfiber cloth, don't hesitate to buy one. Clothing or kitchen paper leaves fibers and dust particles behind that cause scratches and affect the protective layer of your glasses.

Repeat the steps for better results

Removing fatty substances may be difficult, but by repeating the above plan two or three times, there is a high chance of getting your sunglasses clean again.

Note the following:

  • Avoid extreme temperatures, such as in the sauna or on the dashboard of the car. In the summer, the temperature in a vehicle can increase to a certain heat that deform the frame of the sunglasses and damage the coating.
  • Never place the glasses with the glasses down on a surface, because by shifting the glasses, it can cause scratches.
  • Avoid solvents and alcohol. Aggressive substances such as acetone, ammonia, ether, glue, perfume, hair spray, household cleaning products, and insecticides will permanently damage the coating of the sunglasses.
  • Don't clean your glasses with a napkin, kitchen paper, or toilet paper. These products are too rough and damage the glasses.

Tips & Tricks

Make sure your sunglass will last for a long time with these tricks and tips: 

  • Keep your sunglasses in a protective sun cover when you're not wearing them. This prevents scratches and keeps the sunglasses dust-free.
  • Rinse the eyewear cloth regularly with warm water and soap. You get clean glasses with a clean wipe.
  • When you want to wear your sunglasses, grab it by the bridge of the nose and lift it forward or up.
  • When you lift the sunglasses, don't hold it on just one of the temples. This loosens the screws.

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