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My sunglasses are broken already. Do I still have a warranty?

Sunglasses are expensive, so you can expect it to last a few years. If not, you may ask yourself whether you still have a warranty on your sunglasses. Zonnebrillen.com is an official dealer of all the brands we sell. We have a full manufacturer's warranty of 24 months on all the sunglasses we sell, from the moment you purchase your glasses. Of course, this manufacturer's warranty does not affect the statutory warranty.

The statutory warranty means that if you have purchased sunglasses, they should do what you as a consumer expect of it in all reasonableness.


Our brands offer a guarantee should your sunglasses exhibit defects caused by material or manufacturing errors. Do you recognize this problem? And do you want to know if your claim is covered under the warranty? Please contact us, we will be happy to assist you!


What about repairs? Suppose the sunglasses are not under warranty... Who will repair the sunglasses? Or what do we recommend?