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Payment method

 You have found the perfect sunglasses! Now it's time to pay for it. With us you can choose from different payment methods. Which do you prefer?

  • iDeal
  • BanContact / Mister Cash 
  • Pay afterwards with Afterpay
  • Mastercard 
  • VISA 
  • American Express 
  • PayPal 

If you choose to pay with Afterpay, they will carry out the full payment process afterwards. This means you will receive a digital invoice from AfterPay by email to pay your order. AfterPay performs a data check to approve your request to pay by digital invoice. Should your request for payment by digital invoice not be approved, you can of course pay for your order with us with a different payment method. If you have any questions, you can always contact AfterPay. For more information, please refer to the consumer part of the AfterPay website. You can reach the AfterPay customer service (Netherlands) by telephone (020 7230 270) and email ([email protected]).

How fast will I get my money back?

If the sunglasses are not quite to your liking, we will refund your money as soon as possible after receipt of your return! You will receive a confirmation email when we have refunded your money.

After the receipt of your return, you will receive an email within five working days that money has been refunded. The refund time limit for returns shall not exceed five working days from the moment you have informed us of your wish to return, by returning your order to us, or by calling/emailing.

We may hold off with the refund until we have received the glasses, or you can prove that your glasses have been sent to us. We always refund the money in the same account with which you have paid.

Will I get my full purchase price refunded?

When we have received your return, you will of course be refunded for the full purchase price. Returning a package is free of charge.